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When a murder shocks her peaceful mountain town, Bijou, a plucky house cat with a Viking spirit, must dive paws-first into solving the mystery before another life is taken—maybe even her own.

Tucked in the cold Colorado mountains lies the remote village of Gray Birch, a place where outsiders are frowned upon. In this village lives a cat named Bijou. But she’s no ordinary house cat; her ancestors were mousers on Viking longships, and their blood runs through her veins. Since her battle skills are hardly needed in this modern age, however, she spends her energies running the Fox Burrow Pet Inn with her human, Spencer, and her assistant, Skunk, a mentally negligible Pomeranian. Together, the happy trio has created a safe haven for their four-legged guests.

But when Eddy Line, a handsome baker from California, comes to the inn―along with his piglet and pit bull puppy―everything changes. Spencer falls for Eddy, Bijou is unhappy with the sudden changes to her clan, and the townspeople are anything but welcoming; in fact, threats are made against Eddy when he buys the town’s historic firehouse in order to open a bakery.

Then a shocking murder/dognapping occurs on the night of the bakery’s grand opening, and Bijou finds herself thrust into a tangled mystery. To solve it, she will have to summon her inner Viking―and fight tooth and claw for her new clan.

2021 CIBA Mystery and Mayhem Book Awards Winner

2021 American Fiction Awards Winner in Mystery/Suspense: Cozy Mysteries/Cozies

2021 Readers' Favorite Book Awards Bronze Medal in Fiction - Animals

“There is a genuine mystery at the heart of the novel . . . A sweet and often amusing animal-centered whodunit.”
Kirkus Reviews

Cold Snap is a steady stream of humor and suspense . . . a delight to read . . . I highly recommend this story to animal lovers.”
Readers’ Favorite, five-star review

“Codi Schneider’s debut novel, Cold Snap, is a funny, witty, and fierce installation in the cozy mystery genre.”
Dead Darlings

“A don’t-miss witty and whimsical cozy with a feisty feline sleuth that pawsitively pounces off the page.”
—Elizabeth Craig, best-selling author of the Myrtle Clover mysteries

“A cozy told from a unique purr-spective makes for an interesting series debut. Cat lovers in particular will find Bijou, an adroit Norwegian Forest Cat, irresistible.”
—T. C. LoTempio, national best-selling author of the Nick and Nora mysteries

“Engaging, absorbing, and you might even learn something. Schneider's writing crosses from animal to human worlds so smoothly that you don't realize it's happening. You're too busy finding out what happens next.”
—Ellen Clary, author of Pursuits Unknown

“Charming. Witty. Fun. Bijou, the Viking cat, the narrator of Cold Snap, is a fearless feline who will capture reader's hearts and keep them entertained. Cat lovers will be delighted by Schneider's tale.”
—Abby Collette, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of An Ice Cream Parlor Mystery series


"One part cozy, one part mystery, all parts Bijou the Viking Cat. Schneider has crafted a delightful story, full of charming and witty moments that seamlessly balance this riveting whodunit. This book will have readers laughing out loud one moment and holding their beloved animals closer the next. Cold Snap is a fun, powerful, and moving must-read."

—Shina Reynolds, award-winning author of A Light in the Sky

Cold Snap is a delightful murder mystery anchored by a marvelously faceted cat protagonist whose ancestor was a Viking cat. Schneider's vivid imagination captures what so many have imagined—animals communicate with each other, have complex personalities, and are more attuned to what is happening in their humans' worlds than we might have ever imagined.”
The Culture Buzz

Cold Snap is a witty, engaging tale of kindness, adventure, and courage. Perfect for fans of The Art of Racing in the RainCold Snap is a reminder that no matter how small you are, little acts of kindness can make a big difference, all told through the whiskers of a cat.”
The Nerd Daily

"What a fun read! Cold Snap takes us on a thoroughly enjoyable, not-too-perilous adventure with the heroic (and hysterical) Bijou, a Viking cat, and her friends (both animal and human) to solve a murder in their quiet Colorado town. An incredibly entertaining cast of characters." 

 Leila, Used Book Buyer, Strand Bookstore

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