About Me

I grew up in the snowy mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado with a love for books and animals and mixed feelings for carrots. I was fortunate enough to have myriad animals in my life from dogs and cats, to horses and rabbits, to brothers and chickens.


Always drawn to stories, I discovered early on that writing makes my thoughts more tangible. It's also a thrill, opening up imaginary worlds filled with possibility, like getting a calorie refund for food that didn't taste as good as expected.

I learned to write mostly by reading, and then writing, and then reading, and then writing again. Wash, rinse, repeat. There will always be more to learn and I find that mostly exciting, sometimes daunting. My animals are my main muse. They are my whole world and inspire me daily. I have a cat, Caska, and a Highland Pony, Sarge. They provide endless amusement and love and I'm constantly wondering what they think about us humans and their domesticated lives. 


When I'm not writing, I enjoy trail running (waddling), skiing (zooming), Netflix binging with Caska (staring), paddle boarding (drifting), and rock climbing (hefting). I love jumping Sarge, anything that takes place in or on the water, cooking, reading, wine, coffee, and extra-cozy blankets to make myself exceptional forts and nests. Often prone to wanderlust, I love traveling, and as an equestrian, I've found that nothing compares to traveling by horseback and viewing foreign lands from between the twin canoes of a horse's ears.

I graduated from Empire State College in 2009 with a degree in Cultural Studies and Literature. 


I currently live in Denver with my two fluffs and my husband.

I'm very grateful for my readers and I want to thank all of you who pick up my book and spend your time reading it. It means the world to me and I promise to always do my very best to try and make it a time well spent.