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Viking Cats: Fairy Tail or Floof of Truth?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Did seafaring Nordic cats really conquer far-off lands alongside their Viking humans?

They absolutely did! Norwegian Forest cats traveled on board longships, working both as mousers and morale boosters. By sailing with cats, Vikings could ensure their food supply wouldn't be infiltrated by vermin. Plus, these formidable warriors were extremely fond of their furry felines.

Cats constantly pop up in Norse mythology and kittens were often given to new Viking brides. According to The Viking Answer Lady, “Kittens were given to new brides as an essential part of setting up a new household. It is especially appropriate that brides should receive cats, since cats were associated with Freyja, the goddess of love. The Vikings believed that Freyja rode a cart drawn by a team of cats.”

The relationship between humans and cats has always been mutually beneficial. Humans planted crops, which attracted rodents, which attracted cats, which helped humans. Being both cute and useful, what Viking explorer wouldn't wish to sail alongside these brave and mighty floof balls?

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